Welcome to the Site!

Thank you for visiting my new server!  You'll find my active cars along the top of the site, my other sites to the left and all my latest updates to the lower left. Each car site has an interesting variety of pictures, information, and how-to articles to make your car just like mine!  You can contact me at TheReflex1@aol.com

YouTube + Facebook

I have started posting quite a few videos on YouTube, mostly dealing with my garden tractors.  I focus on getting out at least one video a week on YouTube on various topics to keep the interest of my subscribers.  My Facebook site covers items of general interest like weather and how I'm doing.  Please check out my channels and videos below:


I started my first car website (see Regal above) in 1998 hosted by AOL.  I later added the additional cars using the basic but dial-up friendly pictures and text.  However, as AOL's business model changed, I had to change too.  On October of 2008 AOL decided that they were no longer going to host any websites or FTP files.  Instead of moving to a free slow server, I moved all my sites over here and named the whole thing after my beloved cat of 18 years, Butch the Cat.

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Also, check out my latest youtube video: