The Motor

Because this car is essentially the combination of two cars, one's body and one's drivetrain, this Caprice has the V8 from an Impala Hardtop Coupe.  While the original Caprice had a 255 HP (170 Net) V8, it now contains a 245 HP (165 Net) 350cu. in. V8.  The original Caprice also came with a POSI 2.73 rear end, the current rear is an open with an unknown ratio at this time (soon to come).

The reason for the sway was a simple one.  The Impala Hardtop Coupe had a ruined body and good frame (someone actually died in it), the Caprice had a reasonable body but a very twisted frame.  Since it was just an auto-body shop project myself and a few others were working on, things were made easy and the body of the Caprice was transplanted on the rolling frame/drivetrain of the Impala (Note both the Impala and Caprice were hardtops, so they both had reinforced frames).  The Impala body and Caprice frame/drivetrain were then returned to the salvage yard and are probably gone today.  It was only after the car had been near completion that my father decided to buy the car.  So, technically speaking, it's an Impala (engine/transmission/rear end/suspension/frame) with a Caprice Body.

More pictures are planned, as well as a cleanup of the engine compartment and various upgrades that will be listed on this web site.  Check this section for latter details.

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