The Car's life story...

(me back in 2002)

I am the third owner of this car.  It had been for sale privately for about a year.  Just on a whim, while looking for Fieros for sale (finally got one, July 2001), I stopped by and out of curiosity asked him how much he was selling it for.  After some discussion he said he'd let it go for $5000.  At the time, I had no clue what type of cars these were and I was only looking for something I could work on and drive around.  (i.e. not my parent's ride).  I eventually said no.  If it were such a nice car, why is it only selling for $5000.  I figured something had to be wrong that would cost to much to fix.  $5000 was stretching it for me..  When I told him I didn't want it at that price, he asked if I'd buy it for $4000.  After very little thought, I said yes and own this wonderful car today.  Come to find out, not a thing is wrong with the car and she runs like a bat out of hell!  I intend to keep the car stock appearing with only minor street upgrades.

I've graduated from Maine Maritime Academy in Power Engineering Technology and have travelled the world for GE Power Systems for several years.  I later moved back to Maine (I never legally left) and now work in the Bangor, ME area totally out of my field.  If you ever see a kayak with sharks teeth on the front in Penobscot Bay, that's me.

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