Ben Ayotte's 1989 Ford Probe GTs

The Story for this car started several years earlier, when I was installing a security system in a customer's house.  In the garage was this spaceship looking car which I didn't know much about at the time.  Later found out it was a 1989 Ford Probe GT, 2.2L Turbochaged, Intercooled 5 speed in a garnett Red Metallic with the customer being the only owner.  That car had a visual pop, thats for sure.  Fast forward a few years to a different career, and I'm working with this customer's son, and his mother is moving and is looking to get rid of the car.  I politely declined as I didn't "need" a car...but after a few attempts, they couldn't give it away (it didn't start, had flat tires, etc) so I took the car, but in trade for helping her move and the car was mine.

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