Interior Pictures!

First we'll start with the Dash...having a Digital Dash in my 86 Buick Regal, its like being at home.  What is an Air Bag?

You'll notice the carpets look dirty...they're not...they were professionally cleaned by the used car crew at Cars By Us.  Cleaned so well in fact that I curse them...dam thing smells like a used car.

No Tachometer?  Grrrrr...(ignore the flash in the speedo)

Now, I'll get some better clearer pictures later, but this will fill in most of the details.  Below is the center dash/radio cluster.  Noticed that it has ergonomic controls for the HVAC...maybe for arthritic hands...or maybe if you wear mittens.

Next, a look to the left...we've got a plain jane car on our hands here....are those roll up windows?  Oh crap...some would ask "What does this car have for options?"  I prefer to say "Look at the weight savings!"  No power windows, no power mirrors, no power seat...but we do have a rear glass release...dam standard options.  We do have power locks...and that is an option.

Sleeps problems.  4'x8' sheets of plywood...with nothing hanging out the back?  No problem!  This car can seat 8...3 in the front, 3 in the rear, and 2 in the 3rd row facing backwards.  I however prefer to go with the Chevy Nomad look and fold both seats down.  It even has a pair of lockable in the floor and the one on the right.  The left side holds the full size spare tire...yet another of my few options.

And that is a dual action tailgate...either it folds down or opens like a 5th door.  Back to the show!

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