Adding color to the LT1:

I enjoy reading the articles and threads at the Impala SS forum, which covers all 91-96 B-bodies.  A very common upgrade to the existing intake track for the LT1 or L99 is removing the intake resonators.  These are often referred to as "Home Plate" and "First Base" as that's what they look like.

Home Plate is easy to remove...just take it off and fill the hole with a hockey puck.

Before any work is done:

Take it off, insert puck...done.

Next is the sewer pipe involves two 45 degree 3" PVC sections and a short section of 3" straight PVC, and a new rubber joint between the pipe and the MAF.  I have the parts, but haven't done it yet, so we'll wait with the pictures.  It replaces the intake resonator next to the air filter.

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