New Wheel Project:

When I purchased my truck, which is a base truck, it had steel wheels (missing trim rings) and the OEM tries...Goodyear Wrangler RT/S.  My father has a 2000 S-10 and learned long ago that you will never wear out the Wranglers...and that they suck as a tire.  It became my goal, as with all my other cars, to put nice wheels and tires under it.  I was originally looking at an original equipment aluminum wheels, but they aren't cheap and locally are in poor condition.  I decided to purchase NEW wheels and tires at  I was able to find some nice wheels and tires, mounted, balanced, and delivered right to my door.  I decided to go with the Tire Rack house wheel manufacture, Sport Edition model F7, a 16" 5 spoke wheel.  I also went with Yokohama Geolandar H/T-S, which rates as a great small pickup tire (275/70-R16).

I had them delievered to my place of work, which saved me $20.00 in shipping.  They came as 4 seperate packages, one piece of cardboard on the back, two pieces on the front and a foam sheet to protect the front of the wheel.

Cut them out and they arrived in perfect shape, mounted, balanced, and ready to go.  This package included center caps and 20 acorn style lug nuts.

Here the the wheel close up, in front of my wagon wheel, which is the car I had at work that day.  I'll wait to put them on until I get a front end alignment on my truck.  I had the raise outline letters placed on the outside, which will be white once I clean the tire.

A trial fit while the truck rear end is in the air...looks good.

One thing about 16" wheels...makes my rear disk brakes look tiny.

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