Driving (Fog) Lights for my 1991 Chevy S-10 Pickup

This project started when I looked at the cover of my owner's manual:

"S-10s come with fog lights?"  News to me and my family has owned 4 of them...but very cool.  Fast forward to me repainting my truck...I'm digging through my LMC Truck catalog and low and behold, Air Dams.  Mine was starting to look a little old, torn here and there, so instead of rebuilding mine, I decided to get a new one.  Since they all cost the same $20 (plain or with fog lights), I went the fog light route.

The new air dam was slightly different then my old plain air dam, but there were provisions for it on my bumper and ultimately fits quite well.  Alone it actually looks pretty good, as it sort of breaks up the plain nose, but I did purchase it with the purpose of lights, so 4 months later, I finally got a set.  They're nothing special, well, actually, it was a $7 dollar special from Harbor Freight.  They're 55 watt and include a wiring kit.

My truck had nothing for fog lights...a trip to the hardware store netted some barstock with holes in it, (I'm sure it has a name).  I originally thought I would be able to secure the lights to the dam itself, but I ended up building the bracket you see above.  Wiring was straight forward...

I installed a power window on my truck and in doing so, powered up an ignition on bus on my fuse box that usually runs the power windows (key on power).  Since I only use one connection, I used the other power window connection to power my lights.  I installed the switch for the lights just above my Hood Release lever.  Since I also installed my electric fan at this time, I used a splice to provide my 12v "on" source so my electric fan only runs when the key is on.

Since I finished up this project in the dark, all I've got is night time shots.  I'll post a daylight shot as soon as I get one as soon as I get one.  I've currently aimed them for the ditches.  They are too bright for oncoming traffic, darn it.

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