Rocker Panel Repair of 1991 Chevy S-10 Pickup

As it may be viewed on older pictures of the truck, (if I haven't removed them already), the driver's side rocker panel was toast on this truck.  This, among other things, was one of the reason why my uncle gave me this truck.  Next up is a picture walk through of the panel repair:

First Picture is of the damage on the rocker panel:

Next is my father, John, shaping a new rocker panel from some scrap sheet metal.

Once the panel is formed, it's placed on the truck for final fitting before welding.

Once fitted, the seams are welded using an Oxy-Acetylene torch and brazing rod.

Once welded, the welds are ground as flush as possible and body filler is used to fill any gaps.

As shown a few pictures up, a good size hole was found in the door post.  That was filled with Tiger Hair (a reinforced body filler) and also prepped with body filler.

Once the body filler has been smoothed, the truck was covered except for the work area and primer/sealer was sprayed, allowed to dry overnight, then a chip guard/chip resistant coating, then an acrylic enamel gloss black to match the truck.

That completes the repair of the panel, the last picture is of the repaired and painted panel, which for all it's worth, should outlast the other parts of the truck.

Thanks for viewing.  Many thanks go to my dad for performing this repair on my truck.  He has a couple cars of his own that he wouldn't mind you visiting with links on the main page.  Thanks, Dad.

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