Clean/Wax of 1991 Chevy S-10 Pickup

Start off by washing the truck and then using Napa Kleenz-EZ to remove any oil/grease/wax on the truck.

To ensure a glow in the dark shine, Finesse-it II Finishing Material by 3M was used to buff the paint on a Ryobi Orbital Buffer.  This does a great job of removing small scratches and any clouding that may appear in the paint.  The next step is a hand application of Phase II Mother's Sealer and Glaze, followed by 2 coats of Mother's Natural Carnauba Wax.  I've found on my other black cars that this does a wonderful job adding a mirror shine.

(This shot taken when I was about 1/2 done, the driver's side needing to be done.)

After the paint, I worked on the Engine Compartment, painting the Air Filter Housing and cleaning various hoses and items.  

Next on to the interior for a cleaning and a good dose of Armor-All.  Also painted the mirrors and wiper arms satin black and painted the silver part of the grill black.  You can see the Grill here: Painted Grill

Once the upper part of the truck was done, it time to go down below. First off was to use a steel brush and remove scale and rust on the frame followed by a bus yellow Zinc Chromate Primer, which I guess sticks to anything.  I covered the yellow with a Black Gloss Enamel.  

(Front Frame Section in yellow primer and new brake caliper)

(Rear Frame Section after primer and paint, a gloss black enamel)

The Rear End Gear was probably ok, but the cover was quite rusty, so I removed it, hit it with the wire wheel, then went with a primer/silver/chrome paint which makes it nice and shiny down there in the dark recesses under the truck.

 The rear drums are fine, but the front rotors were toast on the inside and the whole assembly was quite rusted, so a quick trip to NAPA provides all new parts and freshly turned rotors.  You can see a new caliper 3 pictures up.

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