I had stopped driving my car November of 2005 when I purchased my Chevy Caprice (I rolled the insurance over to it).  I didn't want to sell it during the winter, so it was stored.  Time and nice weather allowed me to clean the car up and put it on my parents front lawn April 30th.  May 3rd some people started stopping, looking at the car, and on the May 4th one of my Dad's co-workers saw the ad posted at the mill and decided he wanted the car for his grandson.  I sold it for $1200.

The above picture is the car in the car carrier and my Dad, John, directing traffic.  You can see his 2000 S-10 website here.

I'm mixed about selling the car.  I enjoyed the car very much, but didn't really have the time to take care of it, and owning and running 7 cars can be hard on anyone.  If the car had never sold, I would have parted it out to myself (interior in the 71 Caprice, Engine into my Fiero), parted it out the rest on ebay, and junked the rest.

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