David Bradley Walk-Behind Tractor

Just recently rediscovered, this is a David Bradley Walk-Behind Tractor, Model # 917.5751 and Series # 118.  Using research from various internet sites, this puts this tractor build around 1946, as it is the earliest Series number I've been able to find.  Apparently Series numbers were kind of like serial numbers, except groups of tractors had them so there could be a just a few or hundreds of tractors with the same Series number.  Originally purchased by my father in 1977 for $25, it was used with the plow attachment to move snow.  It also has a grader attachment on the rear for driveway grading.  It did not have its hood or original motor at that point, and the replacement engine eventually failed and thus we're left with what you see today.  After sitting in the woods for a number of years, it's been pulled out with the hopes of restoring whats here and hopefully using as a lawn ornament.

This tractor has been recycled.  Live long and see you again in my next car!


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Created June 15, 2003, last edited November 18, 2003