My Gilson 1984 Snowblower!

This wonderful machine was given to me by a good friend, Lowell Kjenstad.  He purchased a new unit in the spring of 2007 and gave this unit to me for parts.  He had purchased it from a second hand store for about $100.  Below is a description video:

Some problems with the unit were starting...he had to undo the spark plug and squirt gas down the plug hole.  It also didn't throw very far.  The fuel problem was easy, the choke just needed adjustment.  As for the snow throwing, I've done a writeup on the bottom of this page.  For the starting of the unit, enjoy the video below:

As for the snow throwing, I did a modification that I found on the internet that added quite a bit of throwing power.  Please follow the link before for more details:

Impeller Modification for my Gilson Snowblower!

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