MTD Yard Machines Special Edition

This is an MTD Special Edition 16 HP 42" cut lawn tractor.  Purchased new around 1993 from Home Quarters (now defunct), it was purchased to replace the Cub Cadet Tractor also seen in this collection.  It cost approximately $1200, which at the time was the cheapest hydrostatic drive tractor my father could find.

As previously stated, it has a Briggs & Strattion 16HP Twin II (2 cyl) I/C engine (built in USA) connected to a hydrostatic drive.  It fits nicely into the tractor's engine compartment.  We have had no problems with the engine with the exception of a loose alternator wire that just needed connecting.

It is MTD model # 4814729 and serial # 2B184C30097.  I would love to know more about these numbers, especially manufacture date, ect.  Please contact me if you know more about these numbers.  Currently the tractor is used to mow the lawn and to pull a grass dethatcher and utility trailer.  I painted the raised white letters on the tires to give it a sportier look, and after 15 years of service and a little polish and wax, she still looks good.


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Created June 15, 2003, last edited May 4th, 2008