1985  Total Production: 525             <Back to Main Page>

Name:  Mike Hutchison   mhutchis@istar.ca        <Web Page with Picture>

Options: T-Top, PL, PW, P. Seat, Climate Control, Posi, Stereo Cass w/EQ, has PowerMaster + Wide Radiator.

Location: Vancouver, B.C.                    Mileage: 140,000


Name: Lou Wittenburg    Phatmacker@aol.com

Options: T-Top, PL ,PW, P.Seat, Digital Dash, Stereo Cass, Concert II.

Location:  Girard, PA                              Mileage:  110,000


Rich Cluelow  RCluelow@hq.NovaCare.com

Options:  T-Top, P. Lier Seats (Grey Cloth), Climate Control, Cass., PW+L, P. Trunk, Powermaster, Posi.

Location:  Lansdale, PA                           Mileage:


Name:  Kurt Peterson     LWOLFRACIN@aol.com    <Web Page with Picture>

Options:  PDL, Tilt, Split Grey Bench, CC, Twilight Sentinal, PT, Concert II

Location:  Fayetteville, NC                       Mileage: 120,000


Name: Chris Wilson    ttype85@web.com

Options: PW+DL, Tilt, CC, Vanity Mirrors, Carpet Trunk, Concert II

Location: Garden Grove, CA                     Mileage: 60,600


Name:  Rob & Dawn Souza    RobertHKSouza-asg@hawaii.rr.com

Options:  Pwr Bucket Seats, PDL, PW, Analog Speedo, Manual AC, Delay Wipers, Tilt, Power Ant.

Locaton:  Wahiawa, Hawaii                       Mileage: 130,000


Name: John ducklin@prodigy.net

Options: PW+L, Tilt, CC, Remote Trunk Release, Digital Dash

Location: St. Louis Missouri                       Mileage: 35,000


Name: D. Mooney spoolinwh1@aol.com

Options: PW+L, CC, Bucket Seats, R. Defrost, Delay Wipers

Location: Bowling Green, KY                      Mileage: 156,000


Name:  Jim Peterson         nambujim@msn.com

Options:  HD Battery, PDL, Delay Wipers, H. Headlamps, Door Edge Guards, 55/45 Bench Seat (Grey), Concert Sound, Reading lights, Twilight Sentinel

Locaiton:  Charlotte, NC                            Mileage:  108,000


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