1986  Total Production: 463              <Back to Main Page>

Name: Dave Levey   bfvy91a@prodigy.com     <Click here for full Picture>

Options: Gray Bucket Interior, PW, PDL , Cass, Dual Remote Mirrors, Rear Defog, Pass Lighted Vanity Mirror, Tilt, CC, Delay Wipers, Posi, ASC Sunroof.

Location: Solon, OH                              Mileage: 62,000


Name:  Ben Ayotte   TheReflex1@aol.com       <Web Page with Picture>

Options: Everything but Security System, Block heater, and Aluminum Rear Drums.

Location: Hampden, ME                        Mileage:  74,300


Name: Mark   zwieg@pop.tamu.edu

Options: P. Seats, CC, Tilt, R. Defog, Grey Interior, Posi.

Location: College Station, Texas


Name: Michael SoRelle  grandnat@hotmail.com   <Web  Page with Picture>

Options: PW, PDL, Posi, Limited Interior with LEATHER, CC, Tilt.

Location: Bedford, Texas                         Mileage: 114,000


Name: Steve Clark  sclark3@vanstar.com

Options: Grey Bucket Interior, AL Drums w/Posi, T-tops, Lighted Pass. Van Mirror, D. Wipers, Cass with EQ, Security System, Tilt, CC

Location:  San Antonio, TX                        Mileage: 98,000


Name: Scott Heidinger   Skh231t@aol.com      <Click here for Picture and Description>    

Options:  PW+DL, Grey Interior, GN Wheels

Location: Florida                                        Mileage:  141,000


Name:  Rocky Ehrich  BuickDM@aol.com

Options:  R. Defog, Bucket Seats, PW+DL, UX1 Stereo, AL bumper, Dealer Sunroof, Lighted Pass. Van. Mirror, Electronic Climate, P. Seats.  Car is now painted Light Sage.

Location:  Azusa, CA                        Mileage:  105,000


Name:  Albert Timek  dude@cyberwar.com

Options:  Leather Buckets, Column Shifter, TE-44, Posi. (Converted to GN interior and floor shifter)

Location: Northern NJ                              Mileage:  76,000


Name:  Bruce Razillard  ozzad@home.com

Options:  PW+DL,CC, Tilt, Rear Defost, D. Wipers, Digital Dash, Grey bucket seats.

Location: Greensboro, PA                        Mileage:  108,000


Name: Banning Cohen  banning@banningcohen.com   <Web Page with Picture>

Options:  PW, PDL, AL Bumper Supports, Electric Trunk, T-Top, Concert II, Posi, Remote Mirrors, No Body Side Moldings.

Location:  Wilmington, DE                         Mileage:  130,000


Name: Chad Schwartz  rad87gn@yahoo.com       <Click here for web page>       

Options:  P. Mirrors, Cassette, Digital Dash, Posi, Concert II, CC,  Tilt.

Location:   Des Moines, IA                         Mileage:  51,500


Name:  Kyle Kent      JKKent@aol.com

Options: PW, PDL, CC, Tilt, Posi, P.Seat, Defog., Twilight Sentinel, Security, Cass. w/EQ& Concert II, Climate Control, D. Wipers, P. Trunk, P. Ant.,Grey interior.

Locaton:  Walnut Cove, N.C.                       Mileage:  91,000


Name: Jim Sundin             turboman@usaor.net    <Click here for Picture>

Options: T-Roof, P. Seat, Digital Dash, CC, PW, PDL, P. Trunk, D. Wipers, Concert  II, R. Defog.

Location: Pittsburgh, PA                                Mileage: 135,000


Name: Dave Puskas            Dcolt45@Bellatlantic.net     <Click here for Pictures>

Options: P+DL, P. Trunk, Climate Control, Lighted Visor, Posi, P. Seat, Grey Cloth Buckets, Concert II, P. Ant, R. Def, Digital Dash.

Location: Helmetta, NJ                                 Mileage: 78,000


Name: Sean Ponder           buickttype11s@aol.com

Options: P.Seat, PL+W, F.Mats, Trunk Carpet, R.Def, Remote Mirrors, Posi, Block Heater, CC, Tilt, Twilight Sentinel, Theft Deterrent, Cass. w/EQ& Concert II, Digital Dash, Red Cloth seats.

Location:                                                         Mileage: 115,000 


Name:  Jon Gratz                Suprbuick7@aol.com

Options: T-Tops, AL Drums, AL bump brackets, Twilight Sentinal, Security System, Digital Dash, Climate Control, PS, Vanity Mirrors, Tilt, CC, Posi, PT, Carpet Trunk.

Locaton:  Southern NJ                                     Mileage: 


Name:  Ron    nyedevco@ncis.net     <Click here for Picture and Description>

Options:  Radio, (more coming)

Location:  Michigan                                        Mileage:  39,000


Name: Steven & Paula     wlvf@gate.net         <Click here for Picture and Note>

Options:  T-Tops, Blue Interior, PW, PL, Tint, Tilt, CC, Pwr. Seat.  Painted Spring of 2000.

Location:  Orlando, FL                                    Mileage:  121,000


Name: Willam Pacheco     wpacheco65@hotmail.com

Options:  T-Tops, Grey Interior, PW, PL, Tilt, CC, Posi.

Location:  Worcester, MA                                   Mileage:  126,000


Name: Russ Adams     choochooman50@aol.com  <Click for Picture and Description>

Options:  Bench Seat, Column Shift, Grey Interior, PL, P.Trunk, Front Reading Lights, Cass., P. Seat, Concert II, Tint Glass

Location:  Clawson, MI                                       Mileage:  37,000


Name:  Ted Bennett       turboted231@aol.com     <Click for Picture and Description>

Options:  Posi, Twilight Sentenal, PW, PDL, Tilt, Climate Control, Rr Defog, Digial Dash, Rmt Pass Mirror

Location:  Broken Arrow, OK                           Mileage:  148, 496


Name:  Tom Bader       wicked_stang91@hotmail.com     <Click for Picture and Description>

Options:  PS, PW, PDL, Digital Dash, Twilight, R. Defrost, AL Drums (no posi), Block Heater.

Location:  Champaign, IL                                  Mileage:  70,000


Name: Marley Hay     mhay@comcast.net     <Click for Picture>   

Options: PW+L, D. Dash, Twilight Sent., R. Defrost, AL Drums on Posi

Location: South Jersey                                  Mileage: 163,000


Name:  Tom Christopherson     ttype86@charter.net     <Click here for full Picture and mods>

Options: Grey Cloth w/6 way power, PW+L, Climate Control, T-Tops, Posi, Delay Wipers, Twilight Sentinel, Security, P. Ant, Concert, D. Dash, P Trunk.  (note - painted white)

Location:                                                         Mileage:  114,000


Name: Cory Forrester     chforrester@cableone.net     <Click here for full Picture and Story>

Options: Most everything but lacking CC and Security

Location:  Joplin, Missouri                           Mileage:  79,000


Name: Tim Plett     Tim.Plett@Intel.com      <Pictures + Information>

Options: Gray cloth P.Seat, ASC sunroof, PA, PW, TW, CC, AL drums & bumper supports, no posi, Cass, & R Defog

Location:  Phoenix, AZ                               Mileage:  122,000


Name: Jim Romanello     JRSGN@turbobuicks.com      <Picture + Information>

Options: Gray Interior Buckets, PW, PDL, Digital Dash

Location:  Stamford, CT                        Mileage:  130,000

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