Adding Tilt Steering to a 1991 Chevy S-10 Pickup

When I first got this truck from my uncle, I was very glad to received it.  One concern he had was that if I would fit in it (I'm 6'3").  Well, when your desperate for a truck, anything fits.  Actually, I fit in the truck quite well with one exception.  It's a 5 speed truck and I was a little short on leg room when it came to working the clutch.  I pretty much had to move my leg against the door for room.  Since I was combing junk yards for parts (see the accident link), it looked to be a good time to find a tilt column for the truck.  Well, no one had any, so I waited, waited, and waited and then in early December, volia, one showed up at a junk yard.  You can see the unit below in the back of my truck.

It's from a 1993 GMC Jimmy.  It too is from a floor shift 5-Speed, so it's very compatible with mine.  The differences besides tilt is the cool 4 spoke steering wheel and the blinker stalk is equipped with delay wipers and Cruise Control (my truck has neither).  Below is just a quick look into the wires and plugs involved with the steering column.  All of these and the brake switch needed to be disconnected and moved out of the way.

Below is the final shot.  There are quite a few steps to get here, but it's pretty much disconnect everything, remove old column, insert new column, reconnect everything, and your done.  The column came with a key, so we didn't have to switch out the ignition switch.  Taking my time it was a 3 hour job.  If dedicated, it would take about 1 hour.

This is my wheel now.  Wow, it works out great and I've got all the leg space in the world.  Everything works well with the exception of a bug in the wiper system which NOW HAS BEEN FIXED HERE (Delay Wipers Added Page).

This truck did come with an after-market Cruise Control system which I removed.  The wood in front of the shifter is my computer interface for the truck (It's just sitting there).  One side connects to the ALDL under the dash, the other to my laptop computer and a program called WinALDL.  Scan tools are worth their price in gold when working with older vehicles.

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