Adding Delay Wipers to a 1991 Chevy S-10 Pickup

As previously mentioned in the Adding a Tilt Column page, in addition to having tilt, this steering column also had Delay Wipers and Cruise Control.  With a Delay Wiper Switch and on/off motor, the wipers never turned off once turned on, the window washer motor always ran, and if you could convince the wipers to turn off, they rarely stopped at the bottom of the windshield, so the problem needed to be fixed.  Now in order to get my on/off wipers to work with a delay wiper switch, I had to do one of two things...1.) Replace the switch with an on/off in the column or 2.) Replace the wiper motor with a delay motor.  

Now I have the parts to change the switch in the column, but getting access to everything is difficult, so on a whim I checked out used wiper motor prices and to my surprise they're only $20 bucks.  Thanks to GM interchangeablity, the wires running from the column to the motor are the same regardless of option you have, so it's just a matter of changing the wiper motor and I've got delay wipers!

The above picture is of my regular on/off wiper motor.  Delay Wiper motors are different in that where the green circuit board is shown, there is an enclosed box that holds the circuits for the delay action (Seen below).  They use the same plug.

Above is the new Delay Wiper motor installed (located on the firewall, the air cleaner is to the lower left of the picture).  Removal is easy, just remove the wipers, the header panel, the bolt on the wiper motor that controls the wipers, and finally the motor itself.  Installation is reverse of removal.

The above shot is from the outside looking down to where the header panel should be. (Right behind the firewall, in front of the windshield).  The Service Manual stated to mark the position of the wiper arms, but the motor is set at the factory and returns to home and is not adjustable, so marking it is pointless.

Yea!  Delay wipers!  Add the factory RPO CD4 to the list (it joins B34 - Front Carpet Mats, A31 - Power Windows (well, 1), N33 - Tilt Steering)

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