International Harvester Cub Cadet 102

This is a 1965 (probably August) IH Cub Cadet 102.  The 102 stands for 10 HP and 2, an even number, means gear box drive.  Received as a gift from my father's employer back in 1982, it was used to mow the lawn for many years.  It came with a 42" mowing deck, front end snow blower, custom dirt pushing blade, and a 3 blade dirt cultivator on the 3 point hitch.  Only the mowing deck and dirt plow were used as the 1 stage snow blower didn't have enough power and without a creeper drive for the transmission, the cultivator didn't work.  Seen below later in life with the dirt blade.

It serial number is 127421.  It is currently under a state of restoration, so instead of reinventing the horse, I'll link you to the restoration page, built and maintained before this page was built.  Click here for the Restoration Page.  I'll grab some pictures of the implements and add them to the page, hopefully shortly.


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Created June 15, 2003, last edited  February 10, 2008