Here are photos of our 1965 International Cub Cadet 102

This page is to document the restoration of this tractor.

This is our tractor before any work began.  My father (John) aquired the tractor from his boss who gave it to him as a gift back in 1982.  It mowed our lawn for many years until we got a new tractor (MTD Special Edition).  It sat out for many years, it's only use as a dirt plow (shown here with homemade blade).  The clutch is worn out and it quite dirty.

We brought the cub into the garage and started work.  First was an extensive collection of pictures and diagrams to ensure the orginal placement of items/nuts could be replicated.  We decided to take the tractor down all the way, as there was extensive amounts of rust and dirt/grime that would interfer with a good paint job.

Contine on with the RESTORATION PROCESS

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Last Updated February 10, 2008