Here are photos of the current restoration.

Here the rear end/gear box has been cleaned and primered.  The second shot is the frame, which had been sand blasted, sanded, primed, and painted.

Here is the prep work on the hood, which was straightened, filled, and primed.  It has been painted in a new cub white, which is more of a light tan color.

Here is John painting the rear end

Here is the current state of assembly.  Although I don't have photos of the fender and console, they too have been prepped and painted.  The part assemblies are ready to be bolted on.

Things left to be completed:

New drive line parts have been ordered.  The only missing part for a nice complete tractor will be the steering wheel, which is a hard NOS part to find.  Ours is quite sun damaged and needs to be replaced.

Thanks for viewing this web site.  As spring comes around and it gets warmer out (and I get my car out of the garage), work will continue on the cub.

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