The story

I first got a ride in a friends built GN (approx. 11.50 1/4 mile) and that hooked me. So from that point on I wanted one. A couple years after my first and only ride my wife and I were expecting our third child and was at a sonogram appointment in the waiting room and there was a swap sheet (like auto trader but covers all merchandise). The ad read 1984 Buick Regal T-Type 3.8L v6 turbo automatic transmission runs good but needs some work $3000 or best offer. So I called him to see what he meant about needs some work he told me some minor problems. So I drove the two and a half hours there to look at it. She was in a lot better shape than I had imagined a 1984 g-body in New York State could be. So I looked it over quickly and offered him $2400. He took it. So I went to pick it up a week later and found that all four wheels were incased in ice. (This was in march) finely got it out and home 9 hours later. Remember when he said just some minor stuff was wrong well he LIED. I had to replace the turbo, gas tank, water pump, radiator, four shocks and other parts. They don't call this a project car for nothing. Well $2000 worth of parts a lot of sweat and a little blood it runs pretty well. (It destroys my friends built turbo coupe)

I love this car so much I will never get rid of it even if I get another. I wont be happy until this car I back to show room condition. Thanks for reading my story.

MODS - precision turbo's ta48 with adj wastegate, adj fuel pressure regulator, 009 Lucas fuel inj, walbro 307 fuel pump HotWired, 160 degree thermostat

FUTURE MODS - body work and repainting, intercooler, electric duel fan, port and polish intake and heads, rebuild and build engine and trans

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