1984  Total Production: 1,163             <Back to Main Page>

Name: Ed Chapman  edchapman@ivillage.com    <Web Page with Picture>

Options:  Everything but Twilight Sentenal, Block Heater, and a Roof Option.

Location:  ???                                         Mileage: 49,000


Name: Luke   Badboy5L@aol.com

Options: AC, PW, PL, PAnt, Posi, CC, Tilt, R. Def., HD Cooling

Location:  ???                                           Mileage: 58,515


Name:  Lynn   k&jfrederick@netdot.com

Options: T-Tops, PW+DL, Digital Dash

Location:  Lacogdochess, TX


Name:  David Noe     ScrapComp@aol.com

Options: Canadian Metric Dash, Block heater, PW, PL, CC, Delay Wipers

Location:  West Haven, CT                       Mileage:  55,300


Name:  Gary Wallizer    GW66@prodigy.net

Options: Lear Siegler buckets, Digital Dash, Concert II, P. Ant., P. Trunk, CC, D. Wipers, Tilt, Climate Control, HD Alternator

Location:  Maryland                                    Mileage:  42,000


Name:  Whit Bowman      lwbowman@juno.com

Options: All but roof option, twilight sentinal, and the block heater

Location:  Houston, TX                               Mileage:  70,000


Name:  Tony Sbarra     g_whiz79@hotmail.com     <Story of car from Owner>

Options:  PW, PDL, P-trunk, Tilt, CC, PDS, Digial Dash, Lited Vanity Mirror, Duel Remote Mirrors, Dome Reading Lamp, Cass., Posi. Sand Colored Inter. with GN seats.

Location:  Perkasie, Pa                                Mileage:  


Name:  Kevin Williams   buickfromhell@hotmail.com

Options: PW, Tilt, CC, Cass., Posi, Delay Wipers.

Location: Salt Lake City, UT                        Mileage: 151,500


Name:  Jeremey Terry   jamman@gateway.net

Options:  PL, Astroroof, non-POSI, P. Seat, Grey Cloth.

Location:  Bedford, TX                                Mileage:


Name:  Trevor Olive     TURBOWRENCHHEAD@aol.com

Options:  P. Seats, PW, CC, Tilt, Lited Vanitey, T-Tops, Lear Sperco Seats.

Location:  Southeastern WI                            Mileage:  49,000


Name:  Brent Hayhurst    Boost231@aol.com       <Notes from Owner>

Options:  Please see notes from owner, will update soon

Location:  Oro Valley,Az                                Mileage:  79,931


Name:  Marc Roemer     hroemer@home.com     <Link to Picture>

Options:  Tilt Steering, Rear Defogger, PL, Vanitiy Mirror

Location:  Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada          Mileage:  48,000 (77,000 kms)


Name: Wayne Lee   wlee@kc.net     <Picture>

Options:  Grey Buckets, PW, Pwr. Seat, CC, Tilt, Cass, D.Wipers, Rear Defog.

Location:  Kansas                                           Mileage:  64,000


Name:  Nathan Olson     brittanyo@tsf.net   <Picture>

Options:  Digital Dash, Climate Control, Leather Buckets, Posi, Moon Roof

Location: Chicago, IL                                       Mileage:  24,000


Name:  Shawn Nelson     shawn_nelson69@hotmail.com  <Picture>

Options:  Cass, Digital Dash,

Location: ?                                                         Mileage:  69,104


Name:  Mike Mahalik    capt_howdy19@juno.com 

Options:  All except Block Heater and Twilight Sentenal

Location: Danbury, CT                                      Mileage:  102,000


Name: John Mero, Jr.    turbogimp@yahoo.com     <Click for full Picture and Story>

Options: Most options but roof option or power trunk release

Location: Syracuse, NY                           Mileage: 76,800


Name: Justin Rebrovich    asjdrag@gte.net     <Click for full Pictures and Plans>

Options: Digital Dash, E. Climate Control, PW+L, P. Seat, PA,CC,Trunk, Grey Cloth Interior

Location: West Covina, CA                           Mileage: 144,544


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