Letter from Owner:

About 3 months ago,I was in the market for a good(cheap)car.I was working at Pep Boys at the time and one of our regulars came in and told me that he had a 87 Monte for sale for $800 and that it would come with another 87 parts car.Me being the monte freak I was then,I immediately went to inspect.I drove my bright yellow 83 Regal down to his house.I've been trying to convert this car to a T-Type.It has the GNX louvers and the emblems.I was looking for the wing at the time.Of course,as I approached his house,the flash of yellow,combined with the sound of a 400 horse 350(the only giveaway of it's TRUE identity),he came running out to look.

We ended up looking at the montes for a while,but the conversation quickly turn into my car.He asked if it was a real T-Type and all I said was that all I need is the wing.He told me that he "knew of this one car that had the wing and the hood".I said that's cool and that was all he said about it.At least half an hour later,out of the blue he asks me if I would like to see "this" car.I nearly crapped.He walks me through his HORSE PASTURE under an overhang where the manure is stored.THERE IT WAS,the most beautiful car I've ever seen.No flaws in the paint,all emblems present,and the immaculate interior.

He explained to me that a few years ago,the motor developed a knock and then he just parked it and it had been sitting there since. He was about to sell me the wing when I told him I'll take the whole car.  He mumbled $1500 and the next day it was home.While I was checking it out AFTER I bought it(leap before you look kind of thing)I found a new trans had been put in,new 2.5" flowmaster exhaust,GN wheels with new tires,and not a single spot of rust.What a deal!!

Anyway,heres the info:

84 T-Type Designers series.It has the sand colored interior with GN front and back seats.Fully loaded with PW,PDL,P-trunk,rear spoiler,tilt,cruise,A/C,power driver's seat,digital dash with a set of autometer ultra-lites added to A-pillar,lighted vanity mirror,dual remote mirrors,dome/reading lamp,am/fm/cass.It also has a 2.5" Flowmaster exhaust and the 3.42 posi rear.

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