New Paint for my 1991 Chevy S-10 Pickup

For new viewers, visit the accident page explaining why the truck needs new paint.

The paint process has been completed...CLICK HERE FOR PAINT.....CLICK HERE FOR WHEELS/TIRES.

Since the repair of my truck took into early December, things were getting a bit cold to complete the paint job.  It was decided to hold on until spring, get a quote from some local body shops and paint the door/fender/bed black.  But, since this was a good opportunity for me to get my hands around a real paint project (I've air gunned trim and small pieces), maybe things could be taken to the next level.  Then, standing next to my truck in the garage, my eyes wondered over to my 1986 Buick Regal T-Type and bell went off in my head.  Clone.  So, the current plan is to repaint the entire truck black, then dark silver down the center body line.  I've modified a picture to clarify:

As it can be seen in the picture, I've already got 84-85 GN wheels that are physically identical to my 86 T-Type wheels.  I've worked to clean them and paint the black portions of the wheel silver.  I'll need to order new wheel opening moldings as the current ones are damaged or rusted, and remove the side body molding, which my Buick doesn't have.  I'm also added a duel exhaust setup with a side exit behind the rear wheel.  This is done with a single in duel out muffler.

 They'll both have BF Goodrich Radial TAs installed, both on a 235/60R15, and the truck should have chrome exhaust tips too. (DONE)

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